“ Creating an interface between past and present, while providing Artists and Activists with a multifunctional environment that serves as both creative playground and plattform while emphasizing a laboratory oriented approach to the subject matter. „

Radio Silence

Radio Silence, Photography © Mike Wolff 2017

Together with Callum Charnley, we embarked on a one day’s excursion and field trip into the grounds of last years` Kettenreaktion project in Attisholz (CH). Feeling determined to continue my work for this initiative, this day served as both a re- introduction to a location and re-examination of a partially controlled environment which remains to serve as a multidisciplinary stage for a selected group of artists since August last year.

It was about the same time last year, when I prepared my lenses for the aforementioned  project for the very first time; in an effort to portray and record the structures and individuals within the allocated perimeter of the Old Attisholz Infra grounds and beyond.

Little did I expect the vast outcome and quality of records produced last autumn, and as direct consequence, i now find myself in the same location one year later, …amongst these very echoes of time.

BTS, (Beneath the surface); the crew and Initiators of last years‘ Kettenreaktion Project were represented by Werne Feller and Aron Jaggi on this hot summer afternoon in July. Set against the background of the recently launched „Kantine“ and the neighbouring „Salon“, I had the unique opportunity to catch up and touch base for the work ahead, reflecting on last years resonances while trying to percolate some essential definitions from  the project’s upper echelons at this moment in time.

Beneath that surface , Photography © Mike Wolff 2017

„This period should be about recoding the occuring changes taking place“, Werne Feller emphasises, as we are joining forces for a short talk and  interview on the current state of affairs of the Attisholz Areal project.

I agreed with the directors of the Project to shoot a series on “ Discovery Mode 2.0″ , in an effort to record not purely the evidence itself, but attempt to capture the often times not so subtle reactions taking place on the the walls and objects in front of me.

As such I decided to photograph some specific locations and objects in the old derelict factory of Attisholz, attempting to capture the passage of time; compare the accumulation of traces today, always reinforced and accompanied by the omnipresent marks of time, all suddenly finding their place into a multilayered experiment still taking place in this location since the late summer of 2016.

As the project roots are clearly evident in last years “ Kettenreaktion“ project, the initiators and supporters had a year to reflect on the outcome of the preceding action which was hosted for the duration of 3 months.

Aaron and Werne agree: “ To sample, and resample“…

…as we  glance upon the courtyard that formed the boulevard in autumn of 2016, and now harbours an array of objects and a few vehicles, each object suddenly being part of a grander narrative which we endeavour to explore over the years to come.

…we are the discovery mode.


„Home Sweet Home“, Photography © Mike Wolff 2017, Original installation by Raumformer 2016