It feels like that moment when you leave the surface of the ocean and submerge into the water. It’s that particular silence, mystic vibes, warm rays of light that sneak through the broken cracks. I am entering a state of awareness that isn’t reachable in the ‚real’ world. Exactly. It’s a different world. Lost in outer space, in time and present.

I hear nothing except the mystical whispering of the empty, shabby, dusty buildings and rooms. I feel nothing except the dust and sand trickling down my naked legs and into my biker boots, while I take hesitant steps through this daunting campus of arts and mystique.

Every one of these step carries with it a promise of a new discovery, behind every corner may lurk another lens-enticing broken window. Every door I try to open makes me cringe and shiver, and, at the same time, fill me with a cocktail of curiosity, excitement and creepiness. Spiderwebs reflect the sunshine, empty spray cans almost invite the next snap, and rusted chains dangling in front of a menacing graffitti mural make for a perfect urban street shot.

Hearing steps behind me, I turn and catch a glimpse of Mike Wolff, lying on the floor with his frowning photo face firmly locked on to the image he’s taking. His focus is catlike. Unweavering. Mike is my soulmate and my most important mentor in the passion of photography. I get the weird face. The awkward body positions. All to catch the perfect angle. Not to mention the hours of not noticing what the time is, forgetting to drink, eat, pee. It’s a non communication thing that says it all.

ArtCampus Kettenreaktion – Chain Reaction enchained me completely and makes me want to come back for more, more and still more.

Text and Photographs by Luce (Lucie Pfaendler, Blogger/Photographer/Social Worker)
Photo of Luce: Mike Wolff

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